Tenant Improvements

  • 2012 
  • Portland, Oregon, USA

“Under every architecture is an invisible architecture...”

- Barbara Guest

A series of photographs of 20 NW 16th Avenue #301, Portland, OR, as documented by its inhabitant. These photographs are evidence of the unintentional, but inevitable breach of contract between tenant and owner, in which the tenant has accidentally damaged the apartment in extremely minimal ways. The damage is photographed next to the tenant’s body--this records both the scale of the damage, and serves to draw attention to the presence of the tenant’s body, which is desired to be as un-present as possible, according to a tenant contract that requires the tenant to live lightly, making no traces in the space so that it may be leased again, again, again...

The tenant’s body is a problematic entity, and in these photographs its presumed relationship—socially, physically, and gravitationally—to the rented environment is problematized as impossible to control or predict.